It’s about Linux. Not only about linux but also motion graphics and 3d.



We all know that 3D and Macs are not going along together very well as they lack quite a bit of performance. Earlier this year, I had to make a sad decision, and replace my mac with pc workstation. Am I happy? Sort of. It’s really powerful!
So what’s the point of this blog? Well.. I was am tired of windows random restarts in the middle of my work, tired of random error dialogs, and tired of how ink and pen feature  doesn’t go along with wacom tablet. For every update I have to tweak something to get work done.
Pressure sensitivity in photoshop, Illustrator, switch off windows pen flicks now and then because it causes only problems.
That led me to look and search for an alternatives. Linux OS. 

What’s the plan?

The idea is to write a blog for myself, and to have links, tutorials and useful info - all in one place. Write all problems I have, and maybe a possible solution if I’ll find one. You might say “There are lots of forums for that” and you are right. But as I mentioned it’s mainly for my personal use.
P.S. You can download Linux 4K wallpaper HERE