I started to use the terminal more and more lately. As for the guy, coming from Mac/Windows OS, it was the scariest thing ever. After all I found it very useful, especially when you need to render stuff, you can do it directly from the terminal. It is faster, and it saves a little bit of precious memory for your renders.

The thing is, the more I use it on Linux the more I need it on Mac/Windows. It became a daily tool for me. On the macOS, on the other hand, the terminal is quite similar, but Windows PowerShell it's a little bit shit, to be honest. Anyway, this stuff is about Linux, so here we go.

POWERLINE! It is an amazing plugin (let's say it is a plugin or extension) to your bash. It helps to visualise directories, and its easier to navigate there and there. These are the guides to install it:


by the way, you can install it for you macOS too: